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Welcome to the Web site of the Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice Group for Families (the iFamily Group).
The iFamily Group is comprised of independent unaffiliated professionals representing a breadth of experience and knowledge in their respective legal, financial, and counseling disciplines. When you choose professionals from the iFamily Group, you are choosing professionals who understand the challenges of restructuring families with children, who are committed to preserving the dignity of their clients, and who are dedicated to reaching resolution through the Collaborative process.

What is Collaborative Practice?
Collaborative Practice is a process designed to allow individuals to resolve family disputes through a system of cooperation and agreement rather than the traditional adversarial system. Attorneys in a collaborative matter work with their clients to resolve issues with the spouses through discussion and mutual agreement as opposed to argument and hearings.

Once the parties agree to use the  collaborative process, no further action is taken in Court until a final settlement agreement is reached. All issues such as the exchange of information, temporary custody of children and child support, and the use of property pending the finalization of the divorce, are resolved by agreement.

If necessary, the parties may resort to mediation sessions. During these sessions, a professional mediator works with the parties to help them resolve issues.

By emphasizing cooperation, the collaborative process maintains a working relationship between the parties. This is critical whenever a divorcing couple has minor children for whom both parents will be maintaining responsibility.  It is also beneficial for parties who want to maintain their privacy, especially regarding financial issues.

Group Membership
Membership in the iFamily Group is restricted to professionals who are experienced in their professions, trained in Collaborative Practice, and are committed to working together in the Collaborative team model of dispute resolution.



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