About Us

I-familygroup is dedicated to make path breaking changes in the Indian consumer’s lifestyle by making available the things that are necessary (Food, Clothes, housing) in daily life at the prices they deserve. At the same time, I-Family group is also fulfilling its commitment to the society by developing houses to live in, opening Banks for facilitating transactions, generating employment and Financial Security Schemesfor the people who have an eye for the future. We want to make India a happier place and reward everyone who joins on this incredible journey with the lifestyle of their dreams! We have hope for the future financially and I-family will enable them to prepare for retirement. It’s a business where people can help others and be rewarded financially as well. We want to run our business in a very transparent manner and under the leadership of our CEO, Krishna Dixit, I-family is positioned to grow more than ever.

"To serve each other by promoting the opportunity for an abundant life”

Our History

Because of his passion for helping others, Our CEO Krishna Dixit who has many years’ experiencein Chemical, Banking, Real Estate industry with him and realized most people were in need of a solution to a better lifestyle. His belief in his abilities and desire to change lives is what paved the way for Krishna and after 10 years of persistent effort he has managed to devise the right business model which will enable the common Indian to save more with a nominal investment.

Our Vision

To offer peace of mind to the world and wealth they can pass down to future generations.

Our Mission

The upliftment of less privileged to better living while empowering and rewarding the lives of those who champion our cause.

How Does It Work?

How? It’s simple. Just get enrolled by paying a minimum booking amount against Gold and start making money thereafter. With each person enrolling under you, you earn exponentially as the number of members cross each stage.You can get started today.


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I-Family Benefits

For millions of people around the country, I-family’ unparalleled business opportunity means a better choice. Our totally robust and transparent business model will ensure that you have plenty of choice and maximized returns in the end.

  • Join now as an I-family member and will get upto Rs. 5 lacs in the future
  • It is NOT MLM, It is a family made out of people from different cultures and backgrounds, nor does any member has to sell anything to others.
  • If you have any skills then I-family will support you by providing job opportunities.
  • The I-family’s online (I-family Mart) marketplace will have products being sold at a minimum guaranteed discount for its members.
  • In future members can open their I-family bank accounts along with debit card facility.
  • There is an I-Family App designed for the convenience of members which is available on Google Play store for free download.
  • Benefits for a member will be transferred to Nominee in case of any unfortunate incidents.


Why I-Family?

With I-family, you'll have your own Gold-booking plan that leverages an established business model. This system enables you to get returns not just for your booking but also the booking of everyone who follows, effectively multiplying your return potential. So take advantage of this excellent opportunity to get hold of your life and change it for the better. As the name suggests I-family offers you a wholesome familypurchase platform,because it is great to be able to do the things that are important to you and not have to consult a budget.

Values That Guide Us


Integrity is our foundation for everything that we do at I-family. It guides all of our actions with respect to the quality and effectiveness of our abundant and rewarding plan and how we operate. Integrity is doing what is right and is the value upon which we build and maintain trust.


Belief empowers people to become more than they have ever imagined possible. It inspires us to realize your dreams and provides us with the courage to lead others to do the same. We believe we can make a meaningful difference in many lives.


Accountability reminds us that we are personally responsible for our own decisions, actions and efforts in achieving our goals. We hold ourselves accountable for being a team player in helping others succeed and for exemplifying our core values.


Unity is the bond that strengthens us. We know that we are stronger as a team than we are individually. At I-family we stand together, united around our vision, mission, commitment and values.


Service is our reason for being. Through a servant heart, we enrich the lives of others and consistently demonstrate care and concern for people. We serve by lifting others up, inspiring others with our example and always looking for ways to make a difference in people’s lives.

Business plan

We have a business plan that abundantly rewards people at all levels of participation and income levels. It's a business designed for people looking to get more out of life. As we continue to build our business organization, you'll earn a lump sum on the enrolment of the individuals in your down line at every stage as per the plan you choose. Also, you receive a lifelong personal rebate (up to 30%) on the food, clothing and real estate on our website. As our organization grows, so does your income.

“Together we stand as I- Family, Together we all benefit!”

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